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Partnership is the driving force behind what we do at Pacific Retirement Partners. When you need a trusted 401k advisor in the Pacific Northwest, we’re here to guide you every step of the way and cultivate a lasting partnership.

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Our experienced team members are ready to help you maximize employer protection, minimize employee concerns, and help ensure your 401k plan is straightforward, simple, and cost-effective.

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Pacific Retirement Partners is the 401k advisor in the Pacific Northwest you need to help ensure the right plan for your company and employees. Experience the difference when you choose PRP as your preferred 401k advisor.

Partnering Since 2014

About Us

Pacific Retirement Partners has been an established 401k advisor since 2014. With over 40 years combined experience, our dedicated team helps employers create and maintain prudently governed, fiscally sound, and efficient retirement plans.

Partnership is our mission at Pacific Retirement Partners. We believe in developing strong relationships with our clients and credit this philosophy as part of our success as a 401k advisor in Portland. We draw on a wealth of experience to support employers so that they can manage their fiduciary duties and help educate employees so they can achieve their goals for retirement readiness.

If you are looking for a team you can rely on long-term, we are ready to help. We make it easy to find the answers you are looking for while ensuring you also receive the support you need long-term so you can successfully manage your 401k plan. Thanks to our expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to partnership, we maximize the success of a well-run retirement plan.

It’s simple — we deliver confidence. Confidence for employers in the plan they provide and confidence for employees in the benefits provided in their plan. We are the 401k advisor in Portland you can trust to assist you through every step of the process.

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Pacific Retirement Partners will help ensure your company's 401k plan is properly set up

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Pacific Retirement Partners is more than just a typical 401k advisory firm. We are well-acquainted with the challenges that employers face when determining the right plan for their needs. As an experienced 401k consulting firm, Pacific Retirement Partners offers the professional partnership needed to overcome obstacles and establish solutions.

Some of the most common challenges our clients face include the need for ongoing fiduciary support and employee education. Our 401k advisors offer guidance and advice to help promote the best outcomes.


  • Need for ongoing fiduciary oversight
  • Singular focus on the funds and fees
  • Product confusion
  • Retirement readiness concerns
  • Employee retention


  • Established fiduciary process
  • Broader focus on plan health
  • Product navigation
  • Personal education and advice
  • New benefit offerings

Long-Term Support

Helping Employees & Employers

There are two sides to every 401k plan. A positive outcome for both employers and employees is only possible when you partner with the right 401k advisor. At Pacific Retirement Partners, we work with both employers and employees to ensure that all parties are clear and confident when it comes to their retirement plan.

Employer Support

We have one vision in mind — to add value and confidence to an employer’s retirement plan. With our help, employers worry less about managing the fiduciary process. With this confidence, employers can spend more time focusing on their core business and spend less time managing their retirement plan. This is real value, where it counts.

Employee Support

At the heart of every 401k plan are employees that are eager to financially secure funds for their retirement. Our 401k advisors take great pride in providing education and advice to the employees.

We advise employees on numerous factors related to their retirement, including how to choose the right investments and determine appropriate savings rates. We also engage in candid conversations related to debt reduction and personal expenditures.

As an experienced 401k advisor, our goal is to provide the support employees need to optimize their retirement readiness through a deep understanding of their current and future financial potential.

Trusted Partnership

Delivering Confidence

We deliver confidence — confidence for employers so that you can focus on your business, and confidence for your employees so they can focus on their life, family, and work.

As your 401k advisor in Portland,we provide the road map to creating that confidence. We help you make the right decisions about your plan. Our step-by-step process includes fiduciary governance and oversight, investment management, cost management, plan design considerations, and employee engagement.

We help our clients provide efficient, cost-effective retirement plans and so that employees can maximize their retirement benefits.

Are We the Right Fit?

If you have been searching for a 401k advisor in the Pacific Northwest that you can trust, we invite you to get in touch with our team today. We love partnering with employers that are ready to have meaningful dialogue regarding their plan design and recognize that their employees are their most valuable business asset.

Taking care of people is our passion. We look forward to working with you!

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