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Confidence in Your 401k Starts Here

When it comes to your 401k plan, confidence is key. If your current plan is unsatisfactory, we strive to turn “good-enough” 401k plans into great ones. Thanks to our commitment to client partnerships, we deliver confidence for both employers and employees.

As an employer, you want a 401k plan that works for you, along with fiduciary oversight from an experienced 401k consultant. Pacific Retirement Partners is highly experienced serving company-sponsored retirement plans and is ready to deliver the confidence you seek for both your company and employees.

As your 401k consultant in Portland, here is how we take care of you:

  • Develop a prudent fiduciary process
  • Investment monitoring and consulting
  • Guide you in plan design
  • Benchmark your plan fees
  • Map out an employee engagement plan
  • Benchmark your vendor
  • Meet with and educate your employees
  • Keep it straightforward and simple

Retirement Readiness

Support for Employers & Employees

The primary purpose of any 401k plan is creating retirement readiness for your employees. To help maximize retirement readiness for our clients’ employees, we first create and implement an education plan. Then we follow, monitor, and measure the plan to help get your employees on the right track.

One of the things that makes us stand out from any other 401k consultant in Portland is our focus on employee engagement and education. We prioritize assisting employees with their inquiries, determining appropriate savings rates, and engaging in candid conversations about their debt reduction and overall retirement readiness.

Here are just some of the pathways we take to establish and build relationships with our clients and their employees:

  • Individual advice
  • Onsite meetings
  • Virtual meetings
  • Virtual office hours
  • Recorded meetings
  • Maximize vendor participant services
  • Maximize vendor financial wellness programs

Your 401k Questions, Answered


401k consulting is about more than just providing a basic retirement plan — it requires experience, logistical planning, and problem-solving. We strive to provide clear answers and effective solutions to our clients’ concerns and inquiries.

We find that our clients have similar questions when it comes to their 401k plans. Check out our most commonly asked questions below, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

How Do My Plan Costs Compare to Other Plans of Similar Size?
We conduct a plan fee benchmarking analysis to ensure plan costs are reasonable, given their specific variables. Determining and documenting that your plan incurs no more than “reasonable cost” is an important requirement of ERISA and the Department of Labor. While plans may be similar in size and demographics, they can vary significantly in the services they need.

With Pacific Retirement Partners as your preferred 401k consultant in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on a detailed analysis of your plan costs and a willingness to switch gears if another plan fits your needs more effectively.

How Should I Best Measure the Quality of the Investments in Our Plan?
ERISA requires that plan fiduciaries demonstrate a prudent investment process with the initial selection of investments, along with ongoing monitoring of investments. Pacific Retirement Partners drafts an Investment Policy Statement suitable for the goals of your company’s 401k plan and utilizes that policy to monitor our client’s investments regularly.

As your 401k consultant, we devote time and effort to ensure your 401k plan is the right fit. From beginning to end, we follow through with our clients and make it easy to receive the support they need long-term.

What is The Best Way to Ensure Our Company’s Employees are Making Appropriate Retirement-Savings Decisions?
The demographics of every company are unique. Employees vary in numbers, education levels, wage base, etc. Pacific Retirement Partners works closely with our clients to understand the specific composition of a company’s employee demographics. Then, we create an employee education plan to drive positive results.
Why is Fiduciary Oversight Important?
Plan governance encompasses the responsibilities associated with the management and operation of a retirement plan. Many of these responsibilities trigger fiduciary status. Proper plan oversight can reduce fiduciary liability and increase the efficiency and quality of the plan.

Pacific Retirement Partners assists clients in adopting and maintaining a prudent, documented decision-making process. This professional process helps our clients reduce their liability and increase the effectiveness of the plan.

Without a dedicated and experienced 401k consultant to oversee the fiduciary process, you may find yourself with a less than ideal 401k plan or run into problems in the future as your company grows and shifts. Pacific Retirement Partners is happy to assist clients that are interested in a long-term partnership.

Why Pacific Retirement Partners?
We bring an institutional process to the small and mid-sized plan marketplace by making the process straightforward and easy to understand. 401k plans don’t have to be complicated — especially if you have the right 401k consultant by your side.

Our goal is to create confidence. Confidence for employers, so they can spend more time focusing on your business and less time managing the 401k plan, and confidence for employees, so they can focus on their families and jobs. Instilling that confidence makes us proud to help employers create high-quality plans and employees reach their retirement goals.

When it comes to something as important as retirement savings, we strive to ensure all parties feel confident in their 401k plan both now and for the future. We’re here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and advise your decisions.

When you need a trusted 401k consultant in Portland, Pacific Retirement Partners is here to help.

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