Back to Normal-ish?


No 401(k) topics today. No advice. No fiduciary tips. Just looking to be human for a minute or two.

We at Pacific Retirement Partners are looking forward to returning to “normal” as we begin see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. Nothing beats face-to-face meetings. Handshakes, body language, a shared smile, seeing each other up close and personal. As much as I like the efficiencies of the virtual meeting, the human in me craves the social interactions and personal relationships.

We miss our clients. We miss meeting with employees to help them with their retirement planning needs. We miss our colleagues and vendor partners. Heck, we even miss our competitors. We miss all of it and we miss all of you. And whatever the new normal turns out to be, we cannot wait to see you in person soon.

Sincerely, the PRP Team – Joe, Charles, and Rona